Share your ideas on making Ivy Tech Community College Green

Mission Statement:  To establish general procedures to reduce waste, promote the reuse, reduction and recycling of materials and support an environmentally conscious campus.

We are made up of four sub-committees:

Single Stream- Oversee the institution of recycling on the NMC and Fairbanks campuses and some of the community campuses.

Honeywell Project-  Work in conjunction with the Honeywell to institute measures to reduce energy consumption on the NMC campus.  Initiatives include:  lighting, heat and water.  Once everything is finalized, there will be a kiosk for students to review the software/site that will measure energy used in the NMC and Tech buildings.

Reduce, reuse-  This committee will initiate educational pieces to encourage a reduction or reuse of waste on campus.

Events- This committee will plan and execute events for students and staff on campus to support the recycling, reuse and reducing efforts.

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2 Responses to Share your ideas on making Ivy Tech Community College Green

  1. Alex Lamb says:

    I understand on the 5th floor of the main building, the restrooms have energy efficient urinals. I have also noticed that the restrooms in the new library have regular urinals. I’m not sure if the school has the finances to install energy efficient urinals in all the restrooms, but I think it would be a good idea if they were installed in the new library. I’ve had the idea to install hand dryers in the restrooms, instead of paper towel dispensers. I think it is good the school is starting to promote recycling more, but I think it would help even more, if there were energy efficient utilities installed in the restrooms. The cost of purchase and installation will pay for itself in money saved by using them.

    • Thanks Alex for your comments. Ivy Tech Central Indiana has made some great green improvements in the past 6 months and we will continue to make more. The focus of all green efforts is in the order of Reduce first, Reuse, and then recycle. The recycling is what is noticeable by most. Check out the blog on February 15th for more detail about what is happening in the region.

      The urinals in the library are actually low flow toilets. They do use more then what you saw in NMC, but considerably less than the normal urinal.

      The paper towel discussion is always a hard decision. There are many factors to consider. We changed to using the type of towels that are currently in all the restrooms a couple of years ago. These towels are 30% smaller, width wise. Studies show that people will most likely take the same number of towels regardless of size. So, by reducing the size by 30% we reduced the compostable trash by nearly 1/3.

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